Ella + Mila: Dream Collection (Holiday 2014)


Introducing the Dream collection by Ella + Mila! A spirited and fun holiday collection dripping with glitz and metallic, jewel-toned hues. I love when holiday collections break away from red and green (maybe because I personally decorate in white and champagne, and my Mom and the rest of my house is strictly pink, white and silver! ha!) I have almost every polish Ella + Mila offers, and I have had nothing short of a great experience with their polishes each and every time. Of course there are certain shades and finishes that don’t suit me, but the polish in terms of consistency, predictability, coverage, etc. is always fantastic!


“My Fantasy” 3 coats, with top coat. A lovely pearl light pink. Since this is a pearlescent finish, you will see brush strokes. I’ve mentioned in other posts that with this sort of frosty consistency, you can polish in a fishtail pattern to achieve a really unique look and use the brush strokes to your advantage.


“Bang Bang” 2 coats, no top coat. A metallic plum shade! My hands are finally getting paler and this is starting to complement my skin. Usually I cannot wear shades like this because I have much too purple undertones, so I don’t know how much wear I’ll get out of this one, but it dried quickly and had a great formula nonetheless! Plus, no staining!


“Entice Me” 2 coats, no top coat. A very unique dusty lavender that dries matte. This is also a metallic shade. I definitely don’t have anything like this, but I’m not positive how much wear I’ll get out of it.


“Entice Me” with top coat.


“Gilded” 2 coats, no top coat. A great gold staple! Nothing else to say, really!


“G-old Money” one coat with dabbing over “Gilded,” no top coat. Love this! I can’t wait to use this in a glitter gradient, or even placement, or for something for New Years. Oh, the possibilities. Let me just quit my jobs and play with this all day.


“Mirror Mirror” 2 coats, no top coat. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop staring at my nails with this one on! I’ve worn very similar shades, but this one in particular isn’t flat and really shines. It really looks like a whole mix of silvers in there when you see it in person. So, what I’m saying is that you probably just need to see it in person to understand.


“On Thin Ice” 1-2 coats over “Mirror Mirror”, with top coat. Can we just talk about this for a second?! I mean, it looks like I dipped my fingers in silver sugar loose glitter. This is amazing. I have tons on tons of silver glitter toppers, but this is so special!


Last but not least, “Bad Obsession” 2 coats with top coat. This is just perfect. Two creamy coats and no staining, with fast drying and an absolutely beautiful shade of red- can you ask for more? No, you can’t. Also, this shade is Santa approved.

SO, I’m sorry that your Christmas list just got longer, but these are so worth it! Perfect stocking stuffers!! 😉

My picks: “Bad Obsession” & “On Thin Ice” !!

Stay polished,



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