Zoya: Wishes (Winter 2014)


Pick your jaw up, you’re drooling. I’m psyched out of my mind to share the new Wishes Winter collection by Zoya. I love cohesive, simple collections. It’s no secret that I’m picky- but I consider it a good quality. It is hard to impress and please me, especially when it comes to polish and what I choose to wear. I can tell you time after time I see myself wearing any of these shades any day through the Fall and Winter- and that is a testament to the creative team at Zoya. Hats off to you, my friends.

Let’s get into the shades, shall we…

Cremes first. Because: silky. That’s why.


“Willa” two coats, with top coat. This is the only formula I wasn’t happy with. Is the result beautiful? Sure! The formula just wasn’t amazing- the first coat almost applied like a jelly so I was surprised when it was fully opaque with two coats. This one probably won’t make it into my Melmers- but that’s okay. If you don’t have a black staple, you will probably like this. In the meantime, I’m still looking for a fail-proof one coat black (preferably one that isn’t $15).


“Haven” 2 coats, with top coat. Well, isn’t this gorgeous? I mean really, it just looks silky. Perfect formula on this one, juuuuust perfect. A teeny bit frosty, a little shimmery, a lot of awesome.


“Prim” 2 coats, with top coat. I adore this color in a way I can’t describe or justify. You can see some brush strokes with the finish- but I like it. You can actually use this sort of strokey tendency to your advantage if you polish in a fishtail pattern to make for a REALLY cool effect. This polish is almost frosty, but not quite. So wonderfully unique.


“Thea” 2 coats, top picture without top coat, bottom picture with top coat. I have a very recent new obsession with the magical pixie dusts- and these did not disappoint me! Now, since my love of this chunky glitter is new-found, I do not have any similar or rivaling colors in my personal collection- which makes these shades novel to me. I’ve read some reviews from texture-lovers that they have some close matches, but that wasn’t an issue for me. These did seem to be a bit more jelly like in the base than the other pixies I have- which definitely dry 100% matte. I’m not upset about it at all though, just an observation.



“Nori” 2 coats, top picture without top coat, bottom picture with top coat. I love blue, so I’m biased. Queen Elsa approved! I can’t wait to use this for some Winter nail art! You can see a little better with this shade how it doesn’t dry completely matte without top coat- again, that’s fine with me I just thought I should note the difference.


“Imogen” 2 coats, top picture without top coat, bottom picture with top coat. This is like a sparkly galaxy on your nails. I prefer this one with top coat because I think you can really see the dimension and holo when it’s glossy! Another wonderful formula!


Overall: I really love this collection. Dry time and self-leveling are always great when it comes to Zoya. I think it would be a wonderful addition for a polish lover under the tree, or just because you want to feed their addiction.

What are your favorites? I think I would have to go with “Prim,” and “Imogen”.

Stay polished,










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