Bonita Colors: Fall/Winter 2014

Press Sample.


I would like to start this by saying that I am VERY hesitant to take on new brands lately. There are a few reasons for this: 1) With a following like I have on Instagram, it is impossible to tell who actually likes my art and would like a creative collaboration based on that versus who just wants to be featured on my page, 2) I am so picky! and I really prefer cremes. And 3) What if I have a terrible experience?! I HATE writing wholly negative reviews. I have no problem giving my honest opinion on whether or not I like certain colors/formulas as you all have read, but I do not like being entirely negative.

This post deals with number 3.

That being said, this is mostly negative and I apologize in advance if I seem like a downer. I do NOT think that this is a reflection of the brand at large- as I’ve read wonderful reviews from honest swatchers in the past- I just think the formulas on this collection were a huge miss. I WILL swatch for Bonita again if asked, since I always like to try brands twice to see if it was a fluke or something unfortunate the first time.


“Ballet Rehearsal” 2 coats, plus top coat. The first few polishes of the collection were terrible to work with: rather thick, a strange micro shimmer slight texture that made it a nightmare to clean up around the cuticles and get a clean line, and completely soaked up the top coat. I am SO bummed because I love, LOVE 7/8 of the colors, especially this one.



“Dali’s Memory” 2 coats, plus top coat.  This was the shade I was most looking forward to, and the one with the absolute worst formula. It was just as bad as Ballet Rehearsal, but even a weirder texture.



That’s what it looked like when I was trying to remove it with non-acetone remover. You can see the texture and micro glitter that makes up the polish in this shot, too.



“Florence” 2-3 coats, plus top coat. A pretty nude, but has the exact same thing going on as the two above.


“The Kiss” 2 coats, no top coat. This one was definitely the best out of the micro glitter shades, but still problematic. Photographs more orange than in real life- it’s bit more rose toned before top coat, but it did give off more of an orange hue when the top coat was added.


“Da Vinci Code” 1 coat, with top coat. The last 4 polishes in this collection had more obvious shimmer, and were slightly easier to work with, but no where near ideal. The second half also seemed to be more pigmented (only 1 or 1-2 coats each), which was a plus. I personally don’t care for this shade of brown- or any shade of brown, really.


“Starry Night” 1 coat, with top coat. This shimmer is the most obvious in this shade, but that also meant it was one of the hardest to remove. I had micro glitter all over my hands afterwards even after using pure acetone and washing my hands twice! Stubborn!


“Monet’s Garden” 1 coat, with top coat. A very pretty rose color, and this was one of the best formulas of the collection. I actually may use this shade again, which I can’t say for 6/8 others.


“Rembrandt’s Muse” 1 coat, with top coat. This is my favorite of the collection, and the best formula in my opinion. I will deal with the hard-to-clean-up formula and definitely try to use this again.

While I was really disappointed with the formulas, they did self-level well and the shades were beautiful. I’m deeply saddened that it was so difficult to get a good application, because I wanted to love this collection so badly!

Bonita Colors can be found at Rite-Aid, but I’ve also seen them in my local Harmons. I believe they are now available on as well!

Stay polished,






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