China Glaze: Twinkle (Holiday 2014)

(Press Sample from China Glaze.)


I’m FINALLY allowed to share China Glaze’s Twinkle Collection!! This is their 2014 holiday collection, and their last collection of this year! Overall, I do love it as a whole, although there are some misses for me. Let’s remember that I am picky and at heart, not a collector. I love to throw things out and hate having duplicates of anything (unless it’s my favorite shade as back-ups!)

Cohesiveness: In my opinion, the collection flows nicely and there are no outlying random shades. There is a fun mix of cremes, metallics and glitters, so you’re set if you love to play around with different finishes. There are your standard holiday shades: green, red, gold and silver, as well as a few unexpected, yet totally appropriate colors: purple, gray and multi-colored glitter.

11/12 swatches are without top coat and still amazingly shiny! The only exception is “Meet Me Under The Stars.”

Let’s take a look!


“Tip Your Hat” ONE coat, no top coat. Just a perfect red staple.


“Out Like A Light” ONE coat, no top coat. I love this blackened grey!


“December To Remember” 3 coats, no top coat. I don’t know how I feel about this one. This frosty blue reflects a ton of purple, which is lovely, I just don’t think it’s for me.



“No Peeking!” 2 coats, no top coat. In the bottle, I did not think that I would like this shade, but on the nail it looks fantastic! Two thumbs up.


“Define Good…” 2 coats, no top coat. I LOVE THIS. I usually do not lean towards metallic/shimmer shades, but this is undeniably beautiful.


“I’d Melt For You” ONE coat, no top coat. A bit streaky, but I think that’s understandable with this finish. I’ll still get a ton of use from it under glitter toppers and glitter polish.


“Dancing and Prancing” 2 coats over a silver base, no top coat. It’s like a party on your nails! Very fun for New years, especially.


“Chillin’ With My Snow-mies” 2 dabbed/placed/annoying coats over “Out Like A Light,” no top coat. There is not enough glitter in this polish, all I kept getting was clear base when I tried to swipe on an easy coat. I was fishing for glitter and struggling to get the bigger pieces. I do not consider this a complete miss though, because I think it can still be functional if used with a sponge (to soak up the excessive clear base) for a glitter gradient to look like falling snow!


“Pine-ing For Glitter” one generous coat over “Going Green” by Sally Hansen, no top coat. This polish made me realize that I do not own ANY hunter green polishes to serve as a matching base color?! So there’s that. I really love this, though and I can’t wait to use it around Christmas time.


“Feeling Twinkly” 4 coats, no base, no top coat. This would be really great over a blue polish base, I just wanted to test out it’s opacity. It seems there is less glitter and more clear base in the glitter polishes in this collection. Just an observation.


“Meet Me Under The Stars” 2 coats, no base, with top coat. This polish sort of reminds me of “Dahlia” by Zoya, but it is not a true texture. It is slightly textured, but I think it looks prettier with top coat. Another polish that can really shine for New Year’s designs.


Lastly, “De-Light” 2 coats over “Golden-I” by Sally Hansen, no top coat. A very pretty glitter topper with small and micro gold glitter and holographic bar glitter. I don’t love bar glitter, but it works here. It sort of reminds me of noise makers and confetti!

Self leveling and dry time were fantastic as you can always expect with CG polishes. And China Glaze always provides a giggle with their punny names!

My picks: “De-Light,” “Define Good…,” “No Peeking!,” and “Pine-ing For Glitter”!!

Stay polished,



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