Ella+Mila: ELITE (Fall 2014)

Tonight I have Ella+Mila’s ELITE collection! A unique fall collection including cremes, textures and a glitter! Ella+Mila polishes are 5 free, vegan and cruelty free!”

Ella+Mila launched their adorable polish line with a unique mommy&me™ set, featuring one big “mommy” bottle and one small “me” bottle.  They offer preset pairs with the unique option of customizing your own mommy&me™ set, creating endless choices of color pairings.  Ella+Mila also has available individual bottles that are sold separately.” (Ella + Mila, About Us.)

Their summer “Love” and “Samba” collections were nothing short of amazing, and the ELITE collection did not disappoint!


“Sunset Escape” orange texture. 2 coats without top coat shown! I love this color, I just don’t know how much I will use it since it is textured.


“Bon Voyage” army green texture. 2 coats, no top coat. Beautiful color, texture is just not for me!


“Naughty Not Nice” deep red. 2 coats with top coat. Dries quickly, self levels and a must-have for Fall and Winter.


“Mediterranean Mist”  a deep teal/dusty navy.  2 coats with top coat. Pretty! I just really like this one and don’t need to justify it, right?


“Yacht Club” gray toned blue. 2 coats with top coat. This is one of my all-time favorite shades, so I think that sums up my feelings nicely.


“In Line For Wine” true burgundy/maroon/whatever you prefer. 2-3 coats with top coat. **This actually dries matte, which is awesome, I just went for the glossy look here.**


Lastly, “Drippin’ Gold” gold and rose glitter. I decided to do a gradient rather than full accent nail or mani because you can actually see the shapes of the glitter better this way. There are hex, micro glitter and shreds! There is also a great mix of rose gold tones mixed along the gold. Stunning!

Gorgeous all around! The only aspect that was a miss for me was the names of the polishes. It seemed like a resort collection (Bon Voyage, Yacht Club, Mediterranean Mist, Sunset Escape) mixed with a holiday collection (Naughty Not Nice, and even Drippin’ Gold has that vibe), when it is actually a Fall collection.

Which shade will you be picking up from Ella+Mila? My favorites are Yacht Club and Drippin’ Gold!

Stay polished,




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