China Glaze: Apocalypse of Color (Halloween 2014)

Two posts in one night: on a roll or just making up for lost time? Yes, the latter. Now, I truly do not love Halloween, I like it and I enjoy doing some designs for it, but at the end of the day, it’s not a holiday that excites me. Maybe because I don’t really enjoy candy? Who knows! I think this collection is completely Halloween appropriate and cute as anything, though!

Side note: These polishes in particular were extremely fast drying! I was more impressed than usual in that aspect!


“But Of Corpse” 2 coats, no top coat. A shimmering green with black micro glitter. Perfect for a Frankenstein or Hulk design!


“Getting To Gnaw You” 3 coats, matte top coat.


“Getting To Gnaw You” 3 coats, HK girl shiny top coat. A black jelly base with bronze micro glitter.


“Rest In Pieces” 1 coat over a gradient of “Golden I” Sally Hansen to “Black Creme” Wet n Wild. Big, medium and small black hex, medium and small gold hex, gold and bronze bar glitter and some holo throughout. A very interesting polish! Like a sparkly hayride.


“Don’t Let The Dead Bite” 2 coats, HK girl shiny top coat. Dusty light pink base with red hex, micro glitters, bars, and shreds.


“Don’t Let The Dead Bite” 2 coats, matte top coat.


“Don’t Let the Dead Bite” 1 coat over “No Bra” by Loaded Lacquer. Accents with some eyeballs. I thought this glitter made for the perfect bloodshot effect!



Lastly, “I Love Your Guts” 2 coats, no top coat. A pinkish-red with black micro glitter. Sister polish of “But Of Corpse”.


Dripping blood nails using “I Love Your Guts” over “A Crewed Interest” by Essie. HK gil shiny top coat. Glittery blood is the best kind, right?

***Also in this collection is the re-release of “Ghoulish Glow” Top coat, glow in the dark topper, which totally freaked me out because I shut my lights off and it lit up my whole desk. I stored it in my drawer after that. But, I do not have a black light and even though the glow effect is strong, I could not get a good picture in the dark!***

Which is your favorite of the collection?  I would probably leave behind is “Getting To Gnaw You,” because I feel like I have other polishes with the same look. I can’t say if I’d ever wear “But Of Corpse” outside of Halloween time, either!


Stay polished,






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