China Glaze: All Aboard (Fall 2014)


(Press Sample from China Glaze.)

Ah, after mailing difficulties and problems, I finally have the China Glaze All Aboard collection to share!

I do love China Glaze, but these 12 piece collections can be a bit overwhelming! Because I received them so late, I decided just to simply swatch instead of try to rush 12 different designs.

As far as cohesiveness, I give it an 8/10. Not a miss at all, but there are colors I thought didn’t belong. Again, with 12 pieces, it is harder to have everything flow together.

Each creme polish was 2 coats, each shimmer took 3 and the one glitter topper was 1 over a base.

*No top coat was added to any of these swatches!*



“Mind The Gap” 3 coats. I don’t know how I feel about this one! I definitely don’t like it with my current skin tone, but might like it as my skin gets paler.


“Stop That Train” 3 coats. I found this pop of orange-red to be a bit random for a collection filled with muted tones.


“All Aboard” 2 coats. Namesake of the collection. A dusty purple, simple and lovely.



“Lug Your Designer Baggage” 3 coats. Brown with gold toned flakie glitter mixed in. I don’t like this one. It’s just not for me, that’s all!


“What Are You A-Freight Of” 2 coats. (Brown, not black.) Another ehh, because.. boring.


“Loco-Motive” 1 coat over “What Are You A-Freight Of”. This pulls together some of the colors in the collection nicely.


“Well-Trained” 2 coats. I love this one! Unique and something that definitely is not in my collection. A close second would be “The Perfect Cover Up” from Essie’s Fall collection, but this is definitely a bit more green.


“Conduct Yourself” 2 coats. Deep burgundy, but stains!


“Choo-Choo Choose You” 3 coats. Very interesting iridescent purple with shifts of gold.


“Don’t Get Derailed” 2 coats. I love army green, so I really enjoyed this shade.


“Nice Caboose!” 3 coats. A unique shimmery purple, just not for me!



and lastly, “One Track Mind” 2 coats. I love this shade of blue!

In my experience, China Glaze polishes dry very quickly, and self-level wonderfully. They do not need excessive layers (2-3) and wear well (longevity wise) *with* top coat.

What shades will you be picking up from the All Aboard collection? One Track Mind, Don’t Get Derailed, and Well Trained are my picks!

Stay polished,







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