Loaded Lacquer: Zombie Hayride Collection


That’s right, TWO Loaded Lacquer collections in one week! BOTH releasing today, Sunday 9/28! Before I delve into specifics, I love how this collection comes together. It’s cohesive even though the polishes are wildly different, and that’s a true testament to Heather’s creative eye.


First up is the namesake of the collection: “Zombie Hayride”. This polish is a clear based topper, packed with iridescent blue/teal short bars, holographic purple hex and metallic deep purple micro glitters! To be honest, I think this is the first bar glitter in my collection, and I like it SO much more than I thought I would! This was one easy coat over “Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm?” by OPI. No fishing for glitter and even distribution with every brush stroke!


Second we have: “Brain Breath” which is a murky green jelly polish with pink/peach micro shimmer! Generally, I understand that people do not usually opt for this shade of green polish, but trust me this is really beautiful in its own way. The pink/peach micro shimmer is stunning and I could see this polish being so versatile for not only Halloween, but also Christmas and even Spring. On the plain three fingers, I used 3 coats of Brain Breath, and on the middle finger I used one coat over a similar green creme polish. I accented with a Frankenstein minion because I have to minion-all-the-things!



Next: “Condemned”. This is most definitely my favorite and the one I bet Heather will have a hard time keeping in stock! This is a black jelly linear holo with micro yellow flakes. This is more opaque and a 2 coater. No picture I took could truly capture this one. It’s SO beautiful. I don’t like my accent nail because I felt it didn’t do the polish justice, so you get a bonus regular swatch. Set your alarm and buy this. Just do it.



And last, but certainly not least: “Glitter Graveyard”!! Yes, I tried to be literal and painted a graveyard with glitter. This is a black jelly base filled with multi sized holographic silver and black hex, red squares, holographic rainbow micro shimmer and a unique reflective pigment. I couldn’t get the real shine of the reflective pigment, but trust me it is one of a kind! Heather describes it as being similar to the technology used to make street signs reflect when your car lights hit them! My photograph does not do it justice. Shown is two coats over black. Absolutely no fishing for glitter, but since I’m using Heather’s polish you should already know that this is a non-issue!

The Zombie Hayride collection, along with the Fall Duo, releases at 4pm CST today, Sunday, 9/28! You obviously need them all, but my top picks are Condemned, Glitter Graveyard and both polishes from the duo! Happy shopping!  (If you miss today’s release, you can always check HERE for updated restock information from Loaded Lacquer!)


Stay polished,



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