Review: Sweet Baby by Donna

Happy Sunday! Today I have a very exciting review for wonderfully hand-made, natural skin care from Sweet Baby By Donna! Donna’s skin care will “nourish your body and the aromatherapy will soothe your soul.” (Donna on Etsy).

Products Received:

  • 1x Heal-Thy Self Balm
  • 1x Cuticle Oil (Scent: Summer Carnival)
  • 1x Cuticle Balm (Scent: Pink Sugar)
  • 7x Cuticle oil samples (Scents: Pink Sugar, Orange Creamsicle, Tip of Tranquility, Warm Honey, Creamy Pumpkin, Apple Pie ala Mode, and Om.)


Heal-Thy Self Balm: “created to help relieve the dryness, burning, itching and chronic anti-inflammatory skin conditions (eczema and psoriasis)… It’s made of healing, moisturizing, and soothing butters, oils, and essential oils. It is an all-natural, soy/nut free and vegan product.”  Right when I received my review package, I had a nasty little bruise turned cut on my cuticle from work, I thought it would be the perfect time to put this to the test. Normally, I heal VERY slowly and scar easily. My progress pictures are listed below under the oil section so you can see the progress of my cut: it healed in just a week and stopped hurting the second day I was using the balm!


Cuticle and Hand balm: Scent- Pink Sugar. (*Note: Donna has since updated her jars to beautiful clear tops! Same exact product, just packaged a bit cuter! I love that these are not in a tin, I have so much trouble opening those!)

These balms contain: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Mango Butter, Candelilla Wax, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose, Moroccan Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil

Okay, I LOVE this balm. I have tried a few and this is by far my favorite. Although I never purchased, I have sampled Lush Lemony flutter and it is much too thick for me, plus the HUGE container and expensive price tag really turn me off. Then there is Burt’s Bees Cuticle Butter that I swore by for almost a year. While I still love the scent, after using Donna’s balm I think Burt’s Bees will be going into my back-up stash.


Burt’s Bee on the left, Sweet Baby on the right. While Donna did update the Shea she uses in her balm (it will be a little less grainy and more yellow), you can clearly see that the Burt’s Bees balm is much greasier. I have problem spots on the sides of my fingers at the tips with very rough, painful skin. With only over a week of using the balm and oil I found that the skin is much softer, does not hurt and more hydrated!


Cuticle Oil: Scent- Summer Carnival. Now the oils are what first brought me to Sweet Baby By Donna. Last year, I bought her Pink Sugar oil and have been hooked ever since.

Materials: Jojoba Wax Ester, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Olein, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, Essential Oil, Fragrance in some *If you want an all-natural oil, simply avoid the ones with fragrance listed in the materials!*

They smell AMAZING and go on wonderfully. Instant hydration and they sink in quickly and do not leave the skin feeling greasy. The roller ball bottle is especially great! Donna suggests: “Apply as needed throughout the day to soften and moisturize. Use the roller ball applicator to apply across your fingers, and gently massage into each cuticle/nail. This massaging motion actually promotes nail health and growth as well by increasing blood flow to your fingertips.”

Scent descriptions: (From Donna)

  • Summer carnival: fragranced- notes of watermelon, funnel cake, candy apples and cotton candy.
  • Pink Sugar: made with the popular Pink Sugar fragrance. Fruity blend of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, strawberry, fig leaf, plums, mandarin, lemon drops and raspberry with a hint of soft musk and woods undertones.
  • Orange Creamsicle: Blend of sweet orange essential oils and vanilla fragrance that smells delicious just like the ice cream bar.
  • Tip Of Tranquility: all-natural, relaxing blend of essential oils with Lavender as it’s main note.
  • Warm Honey: blend of fragrance oils- includes notes of honey, lemon, star anise, mandain, bergamot, caramel, orange blossom, sweet orange and violet.

Fall Seasonal Scents:

  • Creamy Pumpkin- blend of fragrance oils that is everything you love about pumpkin. It is sweet, warm, spicy and creamy.
  • Om- Inspired by Chai Latte. Blend of rich, warm essential oils and vanilla fragrance.
  • Apple Pie ala Mode: blend of fragrances and smells just like hot apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream!

Also available: Namaste, unscented oil!


Now for the exciting part! Tracking progress:

Day 1: before any oil. These are my two worst nails and problem spots. You can see the cut on my cuticle on my middle nail, as well as the rough painful skin on the left side of my pointer finger.


Day 1: Immediately after massaging in the oil and balm. My fingers do not look or feel greasy and they instantly felt better!


Day 3: Slight improvement! My cut no longer hurt at this point, though it was still flaky and rather unsightly. For me, this is faster healing time than ever. I suppose I do not take enough vitamins, but I heal at turtle pace!


Day 5: My cut is almost gone, but you can still see the peeling skin on the side of my fingers.



Day 8: Improvement! Cut is healed! (My nails look purple-pink because I had on yellow-stopper base coat!) The skin on the sides of my fingers was still bothering me a bit though.


Days 9 & 10: Unedited photos (except for crop and watermark). Look at how lovely they look! I also did not apply religiously throughout my review, since I am not always the best at remembering and  I wanted to give an honest review based on the experience I will be having with it beyond the 10 days, rather than a hyper-moisturized trial. I applied every night, and as I remembered during the day. I do not sleep with any moisturizing gloves, and I use an easy-to-find Nivea lotion regularly. Not only have my cuticles and surrounding skin improved, they also seem to be in better overall health, so even when I skipped a day with the balm and oil, they still look great.

So! Definitely check out Sweet Baby by Donna and grab what you can!

Follow her on Instagram (@workinggirlnails) and Facebook (SweetBaby by Donna) to stay in the know with the restock updates!




Also available from Sweet Baby is a Nail Whitening soak and lip balm! (These were not provided for review.)



7 thoughts on “Review: Sweet Baby by Donna

  1. I have this thick skin growing under one ofmy nails that I have never had before. What do I need to do for this?

    • Hi! I’m also not a nail tech. If it’s worrisome, I suggest seeking the advice of a doctor as it could be a fungal infection or something that require medical treatment. If it’s just like a callus then keeping it well hydrated should help reduce it after some time. I tend to have little calluses where the edges of my nails curve into my fingertips (the C-curve). Now that I keep my skin and nails well hydrated they aren’t quite so bad as they were before.

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