Eyes on Indies: Loaded Lacquer

(The polish in this post has been received as press samples as well as purchased by me. The instance of sample vs purchase does not affect my opinion.)

*I would like to keep this as a working post, that will be updated and added to as my collection grows.

My first post in an “eyes on indies” spotlight feature is my beloved Loaded Lacquer! I have been a follower of Miss Heather from about the time I started my Instagram page and always admired her polishes from afar. Now, please understand that for the recent years of my life I have been a self-proclaimed ninja turtle, anti-girly-girl against all things pinky and sparkly. Well, Loaded Lacquer threw that title to the curb. Here I am, blowing up your feed with hexes and sparkles and glitter, oh my! My affair with LL began when Heather asked me to swatch some of her polishes back in the Spring. “Some” turned into 12 (TWELVE!!) and I fell in love. IN LOVE I TELL YOU. And since then I have swatched and have become a regular customer, slowly but surely trying to acquire everything she has made.

(I will add a little interview with Heather for some background information at a later time, so please check back!)

The Loaded Lacquer brand flashes their niche within their name: polishes LOADED to the brim with glitter, shimmer, or pure awesome sauce. Currently her shop consists of glitter polishes (a polish that is filled with…you guessed it, glitter), glitter toppers (I distinguish these from glitter polishes/glitter bombs because they’re in a clear base, and in theory they should go over a base color, meaning they aren’t really meant to reach opacity on their own, although they can with excessive coats), shimmer polishes, and jellies. Heather has coined the name “jiggles” for her jelly polishes, which describe a polish that has a thinner, more sheer consistency and finishes with a ‘squishy’ appearance- like jello!- hence the name jiggle. It can build up to opacity with multiple coats, and can be used for things like “jelly sandwiches” where you layer a coat of glitter in between the jelly polish, sort of clouding the glitters and creating a completely unique look. More on this later.

SO… sorry to keep you all reading my babble. Here’s the good stuff. My current LL collection (thus far):



“No Shirt” 3 coats.


“No Shirt” 3 coats.


“No Shirt” 3 coats. Could you ask for anything more? No, you can’t.


“No Bra” 3 coats.


“No Bra” 3 coats. THEE most perfect baby pink. If you get any jiggle polish, it should probably be this one. Just kidding you need the whole Nude Trio. Sorry, I’m not sorry for your wallet.


“No Shoes” 3 coats.


“No Shoes” 3 coats.


“No Shoes” 3 coats. You probably could never have a bad day while wearing this polish.


Nude Jiggle Trio.


“Toasted Marshmallow” Gray squishy perfection. Look how long my nails were, wowza!


“Coconut” 3 coats. If polishes had high school drama, this shade would be the b*!#@ everyone hates because she’s so unfairly pretty. You need this.


“Coconut” 3 coats.




“Acai Berry” – note that this looked way cooler in person and a bit more red, but I was trying to get these done and of course it was raining, meaning indoor pictures. I will update to do this polish justice, don’t you worry.



“Steampunked” 2 coats over Acai Berry. I debated with myself for weeks if I needed this or not, I am SO happy I got it. It’s so beautiful for Fall. And life.


“North Of The Arctic Circle” 2 coats, no top coat. Another polish that I will do a better swatch of in time. Too pretty.


“North of The Arctic Circle” with matte top coat. Ooo!!


“Vintage Metals” glitter placement. I love this more than bacon cheeseburgers. There, I said it. That would be the ultimate sacrifice though, please don’t make me pick one.


“Cave Of Skulls” !!!!!!!  (Oh you want words? No, you’re just getting exclamation points.)


Another look at “Cave Of Skulls. Yes, there are little skulls in the mix. It’s. so. good.


“Texting On The Dancefloor” I intended to do cool things with placement and all that jazz, but ah, I got busy. Here is a great representation of the glitters in it though!! Another one I will just HAVE to use again. 😉


“Cuts like a knife” red glitters galore. I have other plans for this closer to halloween. Patience, my friends.


“Oxygen Bar” YES.


“Fade to Pink” 2 coats. You probably need this solely for the name itself.


“Loaded Geeks” Just go to Heathers shop, add this to your cart and don’t question it. You can thank me later.


“Tornado In A Trailer Park” Heather cannot keep this in stock and you can see why. ALL the shapes, ALL the colors, ALL the rainbows, ALL the fun.


“Disarmed and Dangerous” FLAKIES! Now, sing this to the tune of that Kesha song “We are who we are” but instead of “Hot and dangerous… ” sing “Disarmed and Dangerous” Yup. Every time I pick this up, that’s what I hear.


“Giddy up”


“Giddy Up”


“Giddy Up”


“Dashboard Dancing” I love this so hard.


“Fluffy Macaroons” I am allergic to macaroons so this is the only way I can have them. And if you ask me, this is really the best way anyway.


“Mintallica”: the first LL I fell in love with and knew I HAD to have. There’s nothing like this. Everyone should have this. I also enjoy a good pun and thoughtful polish name. Winning all across the board here.


“Rubbernecker” So much love.


“Rubbernecker” over a latte shade. What?! It looks different!? You little chameleon, you.



“Paradise Overdose” 2 coats.


“Tropical Moment” 2 coats. Barbie world.


“Tiki Torched” 2 coats.

As previously mentioned, I will be updating, fixing and editing this post, but here is my current, outstandingly beautiful, incomparable Loaded Lacquer collection.

Check HERE for the most updated information on restocks from Loaded Lacquer Happy shopping and I’m not sorry that you’re probably going to be broke after this restock. You’ll get paid again soon, it’s okay. 😉




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