Essie: Dress To Kilt (Fall 2014 Collection)

(This collection was received as a press sample from HbBeautyBar.)

Have I ever mentioned that Essie is by far my favorite mainstream brand, ever? It’s a true classic. I love the 2-3 coat coverage, self-leveling ability, long lasting formula and color selection. This collection did not disappoint! I am so in love with each color individually, and love the cohesiveness.

To display these colors, I did “swatch art” which is a term I’ve been using describe the manicure that provides a sample of color (the swatch) with a complementary design (the art component). There are many well known bloggers who just swatch and show the colors, but I like to make it more fun and seasonal!


“Partner In Crime” is a deep chocolate brown creme. Shown here is 2 coats for perfect opacity! It self leveled beautifully and dried with ease.


“The Perfect Cover Up” a dark teal creme. 2 coats shown. I love how unique this shade is. Almost navy blue-gray with undertones of dark green. To me, this shade is a stand-out and must-have.


“Dress To Kilt” is the name sake of the collection. 2 coats shown here for this cranberry creme. Personally, this shade was a bit too dull for me, but I do understand that Fall is associated with muted colors. It is gorgeous in its own right, I just probably would not pick it up for myself.


“Take It Outside” is most definitely my favorite from this collection. I am a real sucker for neutrals and this griege is “everything”. I don’t say phrases like that, but YES, this is everything. I love it so much. 2 perfect coats.


“Style Cartel” was the shade that I wanted to be my favorite. I loooove blue. But as you can see on my poor little cuticles, it stains like crazy. In all other ways, it is gorgeous: 2 easy coats, quick drying, unique shade. But because of the staining, I will probably only use this minimally in the future. Sigh, huuuuuge sigh.


Lastly, “Fall In Line” is a stunning khaki green. 2 buttery coats!

All in all, I LOVE this collection. Each polish was 2 creamy coats and finished beautifully. The only disappointment is the staining of “Style Cartel,” but that is a very common problem with highly pigmented blue and red shades.

If you decide that you need these, and you at least need “Take It Outside,”  hop on over to and use code “NAILSTORMING” for 15% off your order!




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