Royal Polish: Robin’s Egg


Robin’s Egg by Royal Polish is a light blue creme that is part of the Blooming into Springtime collection, releasing March 5th.

Shown is two coats with no top coat.
-smooth application
-great consistency
-self levels nicely
-dries quickly

-I did not want to take it off to swatch the next polish 😉

Art & tutorial:
I decided to go with a vintage inspired mani with rose accents.


Stripes done with buttermilk acrylic paint and a Winstonia Store striper! Dots were done with the same paint and a Winstonia Store medium dotting tool.






*** if you’re ever inspired by or recreate one of my designs, please tag me (@nailstorming) and hashtag #nailstormed on Instagram, so I can see and possibly feature your version at the end of the month! 🙂 ***


2 thoughts on “Royal Polish: Robin’s Egg

  1. I would really like a tutorial on how to do the roses. Everything I have found on you tube is more complex than I think is necessary. Your help would you be appreciated.

    • I need to experiment with video tutorials, but it’s literally what you see in the pictures. Rough outline, fill in petal color, re-outline. I’m no expert and I was highly intimidated by roses for so long, but they’re not too bad!

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