Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil

Today I have a review of Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil. If you’re actively following, or a part of, the nail community on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some amazing transformation pictures floating around from individuals trying the Let’s Get Naked 3 day challenge. This involves the Pure Nail Oil pen, basically a sample size, and not wearing nail polish for three days, and applying the oil as much as possible.

I did the three day challenge without polish, but decided I needed a bit more time to use the oil, since my skin is so dry. I work in an PSD (preschool disabled) ABA classroom, with 7 children with autism, who all have hand washing programs, so we are constantly washing hands! I can’t avoid it, and my skin doesn’t handle it well, so to be fair to the product, I gave myself a longer experience with it.


This was my starting point. Notice the dry, flakey skin around my fingers, my cracking and peeling cuticles in certain places, and the discoloration especially noticeable on my pinky.


Day one. Immediately after applying and rubbing in the oil I noticed my skin smoothing out, and a change in how my fingers felt. I have VERY dry skin in general, and my hands constantly feel “thirsty.” After the initial application, they felt more hydrated.


End of day 2. The first two days, I woke up with my fingers aching. My nail beds physically hurt from not having polish or base coat on. My nails look naturally shinier, and cuticles seemed to be healing.


End of day 3. My nails seemed brighter, and felt like they were growing faster. I’m not sure if I imagined that, but they felt like they were rapidly gaining length. You can still see some dry skin and slight discoloration. I’m not sure if Bliss Kiss is meant to help staining, but it did for me!


Day 5. Now, on day 4 I did not use the oil, and my cuticles seemed to go back to how they looked on day one. That’s why I decided to review the oil for a little longer. I believe the Pure Nail Oil helped, compared to using nothing, but I think they key is consistency. It’s winter, I wash my hands excessively, and I have dry skin to begin with. Perhaps, there is not a magic solution for me where I don’t HAVE to apply cuticle oil every day! I’m not quite sure yet. So what I’m trying to get across, is that yes, Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil helped, but may not be the holy grail of cuticle oils for me, just yet. I can’t count out the other highly esteemed products I haven’t tried yet.


Day 10. Nails are shown with one coat of Duri Rejuvacote. Between day 5 and 10 I suffered a small chip, and filed my nails down. They seem to be growing back really fast. The discoloration on my pinky is basically gone, and my nails feel a bit flexible, but not thin. They are not as curled or “thirsty,” either, which is nice!

Overall: yes, I would recommend this product!
Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil can be purchased here.


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