He loves me, he loves me not


He loves me, he loves me not.
Almost done with Valentine’s day nails! I have one more design to be posted tomorrow. Also, Blanc Morena so generously sent me a few shades to share!

This manicure is done over the lovely Barbie pink named I AM courageous. Not only are Blanc Morena’s color selections beautiful and fresh, they’re current collection is entirely named with affirmations to empower the women who wear their shades!


This is 3 coats, with top coat. This isn’t exactly 100% color accurate because I took it inside. The hue is a bit richer and deeper.


First, I made a silhouette of the whole design with black. For the flower I drew a stem and bulb, and heart shaped petals all around. I left a missing section, and added hearts floating from one nail to the next.


Then, I started coloring in the design.


I started filling in the petals with bright white.


Sorry about my cuticles here, I’m human and acetone sucks.


I went back over some of the black outlines to clean up the design a bit.


Lastly, I added glossy top coat to seal in my design!


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