Smitten Minions


Minions in love 🙂 I just can’t stop painting minions. I love it. Happy people have happy fingers!!


I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Lightening and Pink Blink and added top coat.


With black acrylic paint and a Winstonia Store striper, I added a skinny horizontal line across the top third of the nail.


I outlined the goggles with gray with my detail brush, also from the Winstonia Store.


I filled in the goggles with white acrylic paint and my detail brush, leaving a crisp outline of the gray.


Overalls! I did the black with black acrylic paint, and the pink with Essie mod square. Start with a rectangle on the bottom of the nail and add a horizontal line from each side connecting to the corner for the straps.


With acrylic paint I added white hearts and black eyelashes to the girls and little bow ties to the boys!


Next, I used black acrylic paint I added heart eyeballs!


Lastly, I sealed in my design with Essie’s matte about you top coat!

***Please tag me and hashtag #nailstormed on IG if you are inspired by or if you recreate my design so I can see and possibly feature it at the end of each month! :)***


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