Pixelated Heart


Pixelated heart! This was harder than I expected, and I sort of gave up at a certain point because I wanted to do other designs! So no, they’re not perfect.


I started with two coats of Milani White and let it dry completely before moving on.


Then, with a tiny detailer from the Winstonia Store and black acrylic paint, I freehanded a heart with squares and rectangles. I started with the center point of the heart and the bottom so that they would line up, and then did the far sides rectangles and filled in from there. I think doing the outer points help keep the shape so that one side doesn’t get bigger, longer, etc.


Then I filled in the boxes.


With a cranberry color, I made squares and rectangles on the inner edge of the black, following the exact same pattern I drew.


I then filled in the heart with a lighter, bright red.


I didn’t like how plain the other nails looked, so I added some squares randomly for an extra accent and to tie the manicure together.


I fixed any jagged edges with when acrylic paint, and topped it off with Glisten & Glow HK girl top coat!


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