Heart of Roses


It’s so girly I’m gonna die!! This was frustrating because of how tiny my roses are, but maybe I was just distracted from watching tattoo shows? Hm, the world may never know. Anyway, I’m not that happy with these. But I put some time into them and finished, so they deserve to be seen!


I started with four, yeah you heard me FOUR, coats of OPI I Theodora You. I dislike when a polish even needs three coats, just because I’m picky, but this certain shade is unlike any other in ny collection. My other light pinks are Essie and are either too sheer or blue based to work with what I had in mind.


I used two different shades of pink and a dotting tool to add some blobs. For the heart, I started with the middle point of where the arches meet, and the bottom point and then made each candy-cane shaped side connect.


Then, with a light pink I drew little squiggles inside to represent the swirling nature of a rose.


I repeated the same process with Erie acrylic paint for the slightly lighter roses.


With green acrylic paint, I drew in some small leaves with a triangle shape. I then added a thin darker green line down the middle to add a bit of depth.


To smooth out/ seal in my design I added Glisten & Glow Hk Girl glossy top coat!


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