Nailed Kit EKG Heart Decals


Now, I know I recently did an EKG heart mani a few weeks ago, but this one was done with water decals by Nailed Kit.

If you do not have the tools or precise line execution just yet, these are a great option! They come in a variety of sizes on the sheet and a wide variety of styles. I did not take pictures of how I put them on, since I did a detailed post for my L-O-V-E post, but there is also a video explaining the process linked here.

I started off with 2 coats of Essie Boom Boom Room:


Then, I did a gradient with Essie Boom Boom Room, Madison Ave-hue and DJ Play That Song:



That is from one sponging, I always sponge more than once though, to make the shift more dramatic as some thinner polishes may not take immediately. So if this what it looks like when you start, you’re doing it right!


This is the effect after 3x sponging.


I then (attempted) to clean up around my cuticles. My skin is really dry lately, so it wasn’t an easy clean up process.


I added Sally Hansen Hallucinate over my gradient.

I did not take pictures of the water decal process, but it basically goes like this:


Here’s a picture of how the sheets look. I used the red ekg line and the open heart from the L-O-V-E decals.

To apply the decals you first cut out closely around the design

Then, you place the decal in warm water for 10-20 seconds

After 10-20 seconds, the decal should easily slide off of the paper backing

With your thumb and pointer of your opposite hand, place the decal in the desired location.

They’re very easy to rearrange on your nail so don’t worry about placing it absolutely perfectly on the first try.

Add top coat, and you’re done!!



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