Bee Mine


Corny and punny! Bee Mine! I feel like I haven’t done anything creative of my own in awhile and that makes me a bit disappointed with myself. My minions are usually my most original creations, but sometimes I feel like I lack in thinking up something novel. Anyway, I do enjoy these and they’re fairly simple!
My base color is Sally Hansen Pink Blink- two thicker coats.

Draw the outline for your bee. I looked a clipart bee for a reference. Basically, give him or her an oval body and almost rounded triangle head.

With yellow, fill in the head and give the body stripes.

Add brown stripes.

I then added an outline for the wings.

Fill them in with yellow.

Give your bee a face! I started with black dots and a smile and then added smaller white dots for eyeballs.

Go over any original black line and add in little ears/antennae. And look! A bee!


Here is the glossy version, topped off with Glisten & Glow HK girl top coat.

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