Pink & Red Plaid

Inspired by @majikbeenz and @amkuch15 twin Christmas nails =)PicsArt_1390365097445

Yet another Valentine’s day design! Just switch up the colors and make it less festive if you so choose =)



Base colors: Essie Beyond Cozy (my favorite fine glitter) and Sally Hansen White On. I used two coats of each.


Then with a striper from the Winstonia Store I made two thick-ish vertical lines. I didn’t want them to be perfectly centered, so that was on purpose.


I then added two (and a tiny half) horizontal lines. I tried to make sure that the white that is left is even sized boxes.


With a darker shade of the pink and red, I added square boxes at the cross sections.


With my striper I added a very thin white line in the middle of the vertical and horizontal lines.


I dipped my striper in Essie Beyond cozy and drew horizontal and vertical thin lines across the middle of the red and pink lines.


I added Glisten and Glow HK Girl top coat to seal in my design for shine and durability. And that’s all!

**If you’re ever inspired by me or recreate one of my manicures, hashtag (#)nailstormed on Instagram so I can see and possibly feature it at the end of each month!!**


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