Pink Tie-Dye



Hand painted tie-dye!

For this design I used my tiny detailer from the Winstonia Store.



I started with one thick coat of Sally Hansen White On. I didn’t care about it being opaque because it’s going to be completely covered up. Wait until it dries completely to move on.


I started with light pink. I free-handed a spiral as a guide for the rest, I didn’t get too crazy with it though because I figured I’d have to go over it again once the other colors were in place.


I then added a deeper pink touching and slightly overlapping the light pink


I added white in the same way.


Then,  with the deeper pink, I went back over it, pulling the strokes out into the white. You don’t want perfect smooth lines with tie-dye, so I figured making the lines stray would give that color-bleeding effect.


I repeated the same process of pulling the color into the white with light pink as well.


I added NYC matte me crazy top coat and there you have it! Depending on the thickness of your lines I believe this would work with as many colors as you nails can fit, and any color scheme of course.

**If you’re ever inspired by me or recreate one of my manicures, hashtag (#)nailstormed on Instagram so I can see and possibly feature it at the end of each month!!**





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