Tic Tac Toe Heart


I saw the design for my accent nail floating around for awhile, but can’t find a watermarked picture to credit any original artist! But anyways, here’s another simple and easy Valentine’s day design.

Done with a winstonia store striper and detailer!



Base colors:

Pointer and middle: Eassie Mod Square

Ring: Sally Hansen White On (favorite low price white)

Pinky: Sally Hansen Insta-dri Pink Blink

Wait until your base color dries completely to move on!



With a skinny striper, draw two vertical lines. They should be spaced evenly so that the white is now in thirds.


Continuing to use your striper, draw two horizontal lines like such. The result should be nine pretty evenly spaced boxes. Mine aren’t perfect, don’t worry if yours are 100%, either!


With a detailer, place little x’s wherever you want. I wanted my hearts to line up horizontally so I left those empty.


Continuing to use your detailer, draw 3 small pink hearts


I added little hearts in the corners of my pinky and pointer because they looked sad all alone!

I topped off my pinky, middle and pointer with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat, and my ring finger with NYC Matte me crazy!

**If you’re ever inspired by me or recreate one of my manicures, hashtag (#)nailstormed on Instagram so I can see and possibly feature it at the end of each month!!**



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