Jamberry: Poised Plaid


Jamberry Nails was nice enough to send me some wraps and lacquers to review throughout this next week! First up is “Poised plaid” in matte (on ring and middle fingers) and their lacquer in “blush” on pinky and pointer.

There are a great variety of animal print, graphic, junior, holiday themed, sorority and charity designs to choose from. While I was just swatching them and didn’t test the longevity, they’re known for lasting up to a week. I do have mixed opinions: I know that not everyone is willing to sit down and hand paint designs, or simply does not have a steady hand or skills to do so, so in that sense, yes they are a good option for those individuals, but on the other hand, the application process was not enjoyable for me.


To apply the wraps a heat & pressure technique is used. There are full instructions on the back of every package but I’ll give a brief overview of the process. First you pick the wrap that matches up the best to your nail and peel it off the sheet. With a blowdryer or mini dryer, heat up the adhesive side until it’s flexible (should take about 5 seconds). Apply the wrap to your nail and smooth it out. They suggest a cuticle pusher to seal in the wrap around your cuticle. Trim the majority of the excess off with a scissor and file in a downwards motion. If necessary (and I found it very necessary), reheat and smooth until you achieve a smooth look, this is the part that turned me off to the wraps. My fingers became very sensitive to the heat even though it was only for a few seconds. I didn’t experience any lifting at the corners and had minimal air bubbles, but it was also my first time using any type of nail decal so I’m not well practiced in the technique! I think that goes to show that anyone with any level of experience can use these.


Here I used 2 thin coats of “Blush” also by Jamberry Nails with no top coat. It went on very smooth and self-leveled wonderfully. Two things that really sell me on a product are dry time and self-leveling and I will always refer back to these points. The dry time was fantastic and clearly the shine without top coat speaks for itself! I’m thrilled with this polish and can’t wait to use it for Spring and summer.

Both products are available for purchase at Jamberrynails.net !


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