Jamberry: Autism Awareness


My favorite of the three wraps I reviewed from Jamberry Nails: Autism awareness!!

Currently I work as an ABA therapist in a PSD classroom, so Autism is very close to my heart as I spend most of my time with 7 precious autistic 3-5 year old students. When I first browsed the website I knew I had to have these.

To apply the wraps, a heat and pressure technique is used which I will explain below. While the end result looks nice and smooth, I do not enjoy the application process. This was the third mani I did with the wraps so this was only my third attempt at using wraps, meaning I’m no expert!

A small overview of how the wraps work in my own words:

  • Match the wrap that fits your nail the best
  • Peel off of the base paper
  • Adhesive side up, heat with a blowdryer for 3-5 seconds or till flexible
  • Place on nail and smooth out. They recommend a cuticle pusher for around your cuticle but I had no trouble having it lay correctly.
  • Trim excess with scissor
  • If necessary, reheat and apply pressure as needed. (This is the part that really made the application process unpleasant for me, and it was necessary to make the wrap flat.)
  • File any rough edges with a downward motion and you’re done!


On my pinky and pointer is 2 thin coats of Essie Butler Please with one coat of HK Girl top coat and I added NYC matte me crazy top coat over the wraps.

Jamberry nail wraps and lacquer can be purchased here!


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