Scenic snowy trees

*These were a recreation of @badgirlnails on IG, who was inspired by @nailsofjessiek and @sparrownails*

scenic trees

I didn’t take pictures all the way through, but I have some progress pictures.

**I intend for my future blog posts to have separate progress pictures – rather than just a collage pictorial, so I can explain some steps and then show a picture of what it should look like at each point. Sorry this first in depth post is a little rough since I’m missing the first few steps. I promise they’ll get better! **


  • Light blue, purple, coral polish
  • glitter topper
  • black and white acrylic paints
  • base and top coat
  • Steps:

1. Paint one coat of a base coat to protect your nails from staining. I switch between Nail Envy and Duri Rejuvacote

2. Paint your nails light blue. I used Essie ‘mint candy apple’. Wait until your base color completely dries to move on to the next step.

3. With a makeup sponge, paint a stripe light blue at the top, then a stripe of purple, then a stripe of coral and sponge onto the nail. I used all Essie; blue- mint candy apple, purple- play date, and coral- tart deco. I usually do this two separate times to blend the colors nicely.

4. Add top coat.

At this point it should look like this:


5. Add glitter topper!

6. I added top coat after this step too, although it is optional. I always add top coat before doing a design with acrylic paint because if I mess up, I can just wipe it off with hand sanitizer or, if I’m quick enough, some water.

At this point it should look like this:


7. I then used acrylic paint and made thin and tall triangles on the bottom half of my nails. I made some bigger and some smaller so that the coral color would still show in some places.


8. I then added little lines coming out from the triangles on the edges, because trees are not perfectly smooth on the sides.


9. At this point they should look like a silhouette of trees in a sunset, you can stop at this point if you so choose.

10. If you’re going for snowy trees, add some very thin white diagonal lines all throughout the trees.

3 4

11. Seal in your design with a glossy top coat! I recommend HK Girl by Glisten & Glow.

The end!

scenic trees

**If you’re ever inspired by me or recreate one of my manicures, hashtag (#)nailstormed on Instagram so I can see and possibly feature it at the end of each month!!**


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